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of ten year time frame we would manage the cut and spending and tax increases and in investments, we need do all three. we need to tax, cut, and invest in the source of our strength. i think that would have a huge effect. i think americans today feel in many ways like children of two divorced parents. i think it's a pal in the country in a lot of ways. it would be huge. if we got a grand bargain on energy how to exploit the boundary of -- i think the two together would have a huge impact. so the question is how close are we to that? and, you know, i have a saying about the middle east which applies to the american politics. all important politics happens the morning after the morning after. >> when is that? >> here i'm talking about the election. here i think the question really is i don't know how the election is going come out. i make no prediction. i ask myself if romney gets smashed, if he gets smashed, it would -- i happen to think the political problem in the country we have a center left party and we have a far right party. that is a structure problem. the republican party has gone
another $5 trillion on tax cuts that favor the very wealthy, that -- don't do, vote. vote. [cheers and applause] >> you stop when no idea. one thing he did not do in his first four years anything is going to do in the next four years is to raise taxes. is there anything that raising taxes will help grow the economy? his plan is to continue what he's done before. the status quo has not worked. we cannot afford four more years of barack obama. we're not going to have four more years of barack obama. >> the yemeni president was in washington d.c. today to speak at the wilson's manner. mr. hadi took over the presidency in february after an uprising forced a previous president to step down after 33 years in power. security remains a major turning ament with president hadi offering to hold talks with al qaeda and other militant groups to take down their weapons. jane harman gives introductory remarks. >> do we have some more room for the president's party? let's see -- okay. good afternoon to welcome to the wilson center. i am jane harman, president and eeo. the wilson center, a living m
needs in missouri? would you work with the general assembly on a plan for a tax increase to raise revenue for transportation? would you help provide the leadership in pushing for a vote to raise needed revenue for transportation? >> well, we need to make better use of the tax dollars with god. i don't, you know, i guess there was a plan to expand on 70 and expand the interchanges and put in toll roads, turnout over to contractors and let them run it. i'm not sure that's the thing we should do first, you know, we have to maintain the roads we've got an obviously maintain the bridge is. but you know, keep the tax, the gas tax the way it is now and make more efficient use of the money we've got. maybe contract out more, more things. if you give the contractors a bonus for finishing early, that seems to work. so things like that we would do. >> jay nixon. >> thank you. we have a long history in this area and our state. we have a very large system. so as i came in, with the doing a couple things and are now in the process of implementing a sumo foer. the first was to expand the capacit
. the other thing i have to say as he spent tax money running and not in pakistan on the internet when he said not name of the art display a crucifix. to me it is appalling that our president goes around apologizing for the u.s. and doesn't defend things happening here. >> host: nicholas burns >> guest: thank you for your question. i'm just trying to be objective here. ioc president obama apologizing for very much. i think this charge she apologizes excessively is wrong. i listened carefully to the speech yesterday and i listened carefully to his remarks two weeks ago when our embassies were attacked. he didn't apologize in that video. but he simply stated this almost every american agrees. that is a vile and hateful video in american have been built on religious tolerance. as we've been all abuzz since the founding fathers brought this republic into being. we believe that muslims not to be free as christians and jewish and hindu's to practice their religion. that's all the president was saying. i thought he might be nice value, but was not apologizing for what he did. i would say this, i thin
difficult tax. >> host: here as they treat us as our policy is to watch and see help introduce al qaeda to the region. >> guest: that is a good question. i would say that our policies of watch and see right now that we are hoping that it reverses a rickety better sense of what is going on in syria has said that we don't help a qaeda. but we don't want to see happen is going blindly in terms of arming the opposition, much as we did in afghanistan in 1980s when the armed the mujahedin against the soviet occupation. we have little understanding and of course that indirectly and directly led to the creation of the taliban and al qaeda came back to bite us with 9/11. so i think that experience is compelling us to be much more careful. we have intelligence agents on the ground he reappeared amongst the opposition, trying to determine who the different factions are, who we can help try to find out which groups perhaps i'm more influenced by radical islamists, ideology and methods. and so there's a lot we don't know. so i think that's what i said about prudent caution. we need to know much more
. is a better -- than any investment you can use with tax dollars. the first aspect of impacting teachers, if you put those kids who wanted to drop out of my class you would say that would be a problem but if you put them an in an environment where they want to be, that education nation i was just, i saw that video and i'm going to go there to visit. it is worcester of massachusetts and a tech high school. is unbelievable. they have 24 different career choices. they have an on-site veterinarian clinic where kids work with live animals, not stuffed once. the 16 day auto shop and the list just goes on but it different, not more the same. in the report i think, though it wasn't the focus, it is so important and it was mentioned by both panelists, the early intervention. i'm a believer and a system that you can't take a piece of the whole system, tinker with it or even change dramatically one piece and assume the whole thing will change. i don't believe that is true. the thing about public education in america that is most troubling to me is when the system can produce anything other than wha
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6